Invest in Your Career and Your Future at MPT

Founded in August 2003 and listed on the New York Stock Exchange less than two years later, Medical Properties Trust, Inc. is a rapidly growing real estate investment trust specializing in the acquisition, development, expansion or replacement of hospital facilities across the United States.

By implementing its solid business model and deploying the talents of a diverse management team that understands the nuances of healthcare financing and healthcare operations, MPT has managed to grow its assets to more than $6 billion in a little over 10 years. And the company's prospects for continued growth and diversification remain strong.

Seeking Alpha, a respected web-based investment newsletter, recently described Medical Properties Trust as one of the bright spots in the U.S. real estate market - and one of the best bets in the healthcare REIT sector. Why?

Because the huge Baby Boom generation has just begun entering their retirement years and their expectations for high-quality, high-technology healthcare are expected to grow tremendously. Some experts estimate that, by 2017, one of every five Gross Domestic Product dollars will be spent in the healthcare arena.

By investing in state-of-the-art facilities where doctors admit patients, such as long-term acute care hospitals, heart surgery centers, orthopaedic hospitals and cancer centers, MPT is investing in the future of healthcare.

If you're interested in becoming part of such a dynamic organization, please check our job postings and send us a resume of your qualifications. We're always looking for people with talent and solid experience in healthcare real estate and/or healthcare operations. If you have that, and we have an opening, this could be the best bet for your future.